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Christmas COVID restrictions explained


Coronavirus restrictions to be eased to allow people to mix with a wider circle of friends over Christmas…


Yesterday, the government announced the easing of COVID restrictions over the Christmas period, which will have come as a slight relief to many who have struggled to envision a festive period this year.


The easing of restrictions means that across the UK, people will be allowed to form ‘bubbles’ of three households over five days between the 23rd and 27th December.


These ‘Christmas Bubbles’ will be allowed to meet each other in each other’s homes, at a place of worship and in an outdoor public space or garden. They are, however, fixed, which means you will not be able to mix with two households on Christmas Day, for example, and another on Boxing Day. Simply put, households you are in a Christmas bubble with, can’t be in others.


The government has also confirmed that there will be no limit to the number of people in a household joining a bubble. If you are already in a support bubble with another household, then that will count as just one household, so you can join with two further households.


There are still some restrictions though: You will not be able to go to a pub or restaurant in your Christmas bubble, likewise, any other hospitality or entertainment setting, but all travel restrictions have been lifted which will allow people to visit their families anywhere in the UK.


And you can meet people outside your Christmas bubble, but only in line with the Tier restrictions for your area. Initial Tier levels for areas will be released tomorrow but could change depending on the situation.


Finally, for separated parents who live apart, children are allowed to be part of two separate Christmas bubbles, which means they can see both parents without being counted as part of any bubble.


Overall, this is good news for the UK, with families able to get together, students able to go home for Christmas and family members able to travel to meet others over this festive period.

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