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Boris Johnson’s Tories win the 2019 election by a landslide



The Tories achieved their best result in a general election in over thirty-years with over 43% of the vote, comfortably creating a majority.

As votes were officially declared overnight, the exit polls had the Tories miles ahead of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour when it was released at 10pm Thursday evening. The Prime Minister held onto his Uxbridge seat as did Dominic Raab and Iain Duncan Smith; and it looks as though his gamble on a snap election has paid off.

Meanwhile, Jo Swinson, the leader of the Lib Dems has stepped down after a disastrous campaign culminated in her party winning only 11 seats. Swinson lost her own Dunbartonshire East seat to the SNP by 149 votes. Ed Davey, the deputy leader, and Sal Brinton the president, will take over as joint leaders before a leadership election next year.

Labour received 32.2% of the vote with 203 seats compared to the Tories 364, despite polls before the vote suggesting the gap was reducing. The so-called ‘red wall’ of northern seats that Labour controlled started to be lost early throughout the night and the Conservatives passed the majority mark just after 5am this morning.

Corbyn defended his seat, Islington North, but afterwards announced he would not lead the party in another election. He will remain in charge during a so-called ‘process of reflection’. With the Conservatives making gains throughout the night, Labour had to wait till 2am for their first gain which came from the London constituency of Putney.

Recriminations started to come in early as the landslide victory was as good as done, with Alan Johnson, a senior minister for Tony Blair and Gordon Brown angrily commenting on Corbyn: “Everyone knew he couldn’t lead the working class out of a paper bag.”

Labour MPs have already had their say, with dozens condemning Corbyn’s handling of the party and losing some of their safest northern seats including Dudley North, Great Grimsby and Blackpool South. Several MPs have said that it wasn’t just Brexit that sealed the Conservative majority, but a general dislike for Corbyn himself.

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